Job vs Career

Job vs Business: Which One Is Better

Nowadays, it is a popular to think that work related to the word slave and that every person should aim for setting up own company.

This view is debatable for several reasons:

1. Each company needs skilled staff able to carry out their work well and perform manual orders. The businessmen`s mission is to be able to find quick solutions, to rally the team, making the organization work harmoniously, so there have to be staff willing to work. This mutual symbiosis, which gives each its pros and cons.

2. Hired employee is much easier to find a job than an entrepreneur to open a business. It is not a problem for a good specialist  to find a job that matches their requirements. All he needed to do – a professionally written resume and the ability to pass an interview. Everything is simple, you can hire a professional resume writer, and all you remain to do is to answer numerous calls from HR. On the other hand, the opening a business is associated with losses at an early stage and a lot of risks. You have to figure out a lot of things before starting a business.

3. Employees – are not the slaves! These are people who have decided at this time and under the present conditions to work with a particular organization in order to obtain compensation in the form of money, and other social benefits for their work!

4. Business does not give a lot of free time and money immediately. It works both in business and in the work. The main point is that working at the company is distributed over time. In business, especially at the start, it requires big efforts and free time can be forgotten.

Premium Career vs Premium Business

But it is in the initial stage. Next, with the right approach, you can fine-tune the business so that in the future from time to time it will only require its correction.

5. Dramatically share boundaries between business and work is also  wrong. Working in the company and making progress, can be promoted to great posts, where by your decisions may depend very much, including real income, which may get a firm.

6. The responsibility is the main reason why a person chooses a job, not a business. There are categories of people who simply shun responsibility and do not want to take on more. So why do they torment yourself if you can find the person / organization and to shift some of the responsibility for them?

7. Organization. Business abhors unorganized people. If a person can not force himself to plan your day, stay the course, than, the best choice for him – employment.

8. In business, a person must constantly evolve, as time does not stand still. If you stand at the helm of the business, the stagnation in the development of your mind subsequently be reflected on all your business.

9. Keep in mind that there are not all jobs require the ability to find a common language with any person. But this is one of the main qualities that you need when you make transactions, bringing valuable personnel and support business relations with stakeholders.

10. Freelance is a new phenomenon that indeed becomes widespread, when a person applies their knowledge and skills wherever he wants and get paid for it. A freelance quite difficult to identify as the business or is work.

There are a lot of reasons to choose an activity, and everyone chooses for himself.

When you make a choice, I would advise to proceed from the fact that the potential of every person is huge and should not be afraid of failure to reach great heights in life.

Choose, based only on your inner voice, their predisposition to something specific. And remember: only the one who does what he likes, is much more likely to be successful and happy in life. All in your hands!

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